CHEVI-SAN liquid - (to activate and stabilise metabolism at all times, especially after disease)

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for racing pigeons to activate and optimise metabolism, during mating; after weaning; during the racing season; during moulting
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To activate and optimise metabolism

  • Contains perfectly balanced vitamins and aminoacids
  • Contains Butaphosphane for specific support of metabolism and liver function
  • Favorable influence on performance and mating
  • Shortens time of recovery after efforts, stress or disease
  • No dope, no side effects



Multivitamin concentrate containing betaine, butaphosphan and amino acids. Designed to activate the metabolism and improve energy balance.

chevi-san contains a balanced mix of vitamins, amino acids, betaine and butaphosphan.

Vitamins: The need for vitamins is particularly great during growth and feather formation and after infections, endoparasite infestation and – in particular – flying.

Amino acids: These are muscle- and tissue-protein components. They are absorbed rapidly and completely through the intestinal mucosa and ensure that muscle mass lost after a flight is restored and that the young pigeons’ growth and development are not adversely affected.

Betaine: Conserves metabolic energy, which is then available for muscle growth and flight. Betaine helps to maintain and stabilise electrolyte and water balance.

Butaphosphan: This phosphorus compound activates the metabolism. Liver function is promoted, the appetite is stimulated, and the post-flight recovery phase is shortened.

1 bottle (300ml) contains:

Vitamin D3 22,500 I.U.; Vitamin E 4,200 I.U.; Vitamin C 2,250 mg; Vitamin K3 36 mg; Vitamin B1 225 mg; Vitamin B2 150 mg; Pantothenic acid 300 mg; Vitamin B6 75 mg; Vitamin B12 1,800 µg; Nicotinamide 300 mg; Betaine 12,000 mg; Choline 3,600 mg; Biotin 750 µg; Butaphosphane 600 mg; Lysine 900 mg; Methionine 450 mg.

When?How often?How much?Yield
From 2 weeks before mating until the squabs are grain-fed Once a week 20 ml (1 dosing head) per 2 litres of drinking water 1 bottle (300 ml) is sufficient for 30 litres of drinking water
During moulting Once a week
The day after return from competition Once a day

20 ml (1 dosing head) per 2 litres of drinking water (daily ration for 40 pigeons).

Once a week, especially from 2 weeks before mating until the squabs are grain-fed, during moulting, during racing season: after return from competition.

Fresh solution should be prepared daily.

  • Do not use in food-producing animals.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

300ml self-dosing PET bottle (yellow cap)

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