CHEVICET-T liquid - (treats & prevents respiratory tract infections caused by bacterias &/or viruses)

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For racing pigeons to treat and prevent respiratory tract infections caused by bacterias and/or viruses, especially of the upper respiratory organs.
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Therapy and prevention of respiratory diseases

  • Contains Foramycin® Intercalation Complex- a newly developed combination of biologically active substances
  • Effective against bacteria and viruses
  • Even suitable for prophylactically use during the racing season
  • Easily applicable via the feed
  • No dope, no side effects



Therapy and prevention of respiratory diseases

chevicet®-t contains Foramycin® Intercalation Complex – a newly developed combination of biologically active substances.

The complex disintegrates enzymatically in the digestive tract and releases its medically active components. Those enter the bloodstream and are transported to the diseased organs (mucous membranes of the respiratory tract) where they deploy their remedial activity. In contrast to antibiotics, the medically active substances of chevicet®-t are not only effective against bacteria, but also against viruses.

chevicet®-t is recommended for prophylactic use against respiratory diseases during racing, as well as therapeutically against bacterial and / or viral infections of the upper respiratory tract, in particular.

1 bottle (300ml) contains:

84,300 mg Foramycin® Intercalation complex containing 2,120 mg Isopropyltoluene; 1,940 mg 2-Isopropyl-5-methylphenol; 1,300 mg 5-Isopropyl-2-methylphenol; 1,260 mg 1,8-p-Menthadien, 630 mg Pinen; 450 mg Cineole, 270 mg p-Allyl anisol; 1.5 mg p-Propenyl anisol; 0.4 mg Linalool.

When? How often?How much?Yield
Treatment at the first signs of respiratory disease (catarrh, grey nose, reddened throat, dry pharyngitis) 5 to 7 days, once a day 20 ml admixed to the daily feed ration of 40 pigeons. 1 bottle (300 ml) is sufficient for the treatment of 100 pigeons
Prevention during racing season Once a day:
the day of return from race
1st day after return
2nd day after return


Foramycin® Intercalation Complex is not water soluble. Therefore, do not administer chevicet®-t via the drinking water.

Admix 20 ml (1 dosing head) to the daily feed ration for 40 pigeons.


Duration: Treatment at signs of respiratory diseases (catarrh, grey nose, reddened throat, dry pharyngitis): for 5 to 7 days, once a day.

Prevention during the racing season: for 3 days after return from flight, once a day.

  • Do not use in food-producing animals.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

300ml self-dosing PET bottle (yellow cap)

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