MIRAL liquid - (mineral and trace element solution to maintain health at all times)

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MIRAL liquid - mineral and trace element solution to maintain health, vitality, comfortableness, especially during breeding, moulting and racing season.
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To maintain and optimize performance

  • High dosed mineral and trace element solution to prevent deficits
  • Contains minerals: phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and sodium
  • Contains trace elements: iron, manganese, zinc, copper, cobalt, selenium, and iodine
  • No dope, no side effects



Minerals and trace elements

miral contains minerals (phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and sodium) as well as essential trace elements (iron, manganese, zinc, copper, cobalt). The new formulation contains also iodine and selenium. Iodine improves perfoming abilities by activating the metabolism, and it promotes embryonal development. Selenium serves the organism as an antioxidant and improves bodily resistance.

miral especially secures the fertility of the parent-animals, supports the raising of vital young pigeons, prevents deficiencies concerning skeleton and eggshell construction, strengthens feathergrowth during the moulting season, strengtens the physical shape, and improves the performance during the racing season.

Their biological availability is supported effectively when a vitamin preparation (vitin® / multivitamin EB12) is applied alternately with miral.

1 bottle (300ml) contains:

Iron (III)-chloride 611 mg; Copper (II)-sulphate 151 mg; Iodine 38.1 mg; Sodium selenite 3 mg; Zinc oxide 264 mg; Manganese (II)-sulphate 413 mg; Cobalt (II)-sulphate 3.3 mg; Ortho-Phosphorus acid 45,000 mg; Calcium carbonate 3,000 mg; Magnesium oxide 1,194 mg; Sodium dihydrogen phosphate 2,308 mg.

When?How often?How much?Yield
Adult pigeons:
from 2 weeks before mating until the squabs are grain-fed
Once a week, see Annual prevention plan - adult pigeons 20 ml (1 dosing head) per 2 litres of water
o r
admixed to the daily feed ration of 40 pigeons
1 bottle (300 ml) is sufficient for 30 litres of drinking water.
Young birds:
during growth period
Once a week, see Annual prevention plan - young birds
During moult Once a week

20 ml (1 dosing head) per 2 litres of drinking water or the daily feed ration of 40 pigeons, precautiously once a week, throughout the year.

miral is a highly concentrated solution, therefore do NOT apply if not diluted!

  • Do not use in food-producing animals.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

300ml self-dosing PET bottle (yellow cap)

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